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Looking for New Insights and Inspiration on your Life Path ?


Try an Energy Reading with Ingvild Waerhaug

- a natural born clairvoyant and energy awareness teacher.


A one hour online session is $125 and we meet on Zoom, Skype or Messenger video.

To book a session, email me on the contact page.


Energy Reading Testimonials


I had a great experience with Ingvild for my reading. She was very clear, concise, and to the point in regards to the best steps for me to take going forward in my life. She was open and warm and did not need any information or even a question from me. I'd highly recommend a reading from her! She's a fun, lovely lady with great insight and energy. 

Lisa M. Artist and Dog walker NYC 



“The energy reading experience brought a great deal of positive energy and understanding in my life. It affirms one’s innate creativity and instincts. I loved it. Beth W. publisher NYC 



My experience with Ingvild is to be seen, accepted and understood. Her approach helps me to map and let go of old beliefs and thought patterns that are no longer working for me. So I can replace them with good goals for further personal development.

A reading with Ingvild is highly motivating.

Female C-level executive Norway 



"I had a remote reading session with Ingvild.  She is very kind, loving, and intuitive.  Her reading gave me good insights to how I can make certain adjustments to better my life.  I felt positive and forward looking after the session.  I’d highly recommend a reading from her to anyone who’s looking for a direction in life or feeling a bit stuck.”

Wendy O. therapist and meditation teacher, New York

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