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Norwegian artist Ingvild Waerhaug


‘ If you recognize beauty in my work - 

give thanks to Mother nature.’



I draw my inspiration from the pure wild Scandinavian nature. Born into a family with an architect father and my mother a weaver - I became aware of space, colors and fiber materials from an early age.


Blessed to be growing up in a natural environment, my parents taught me to love and respect the Earth.


As long as I can remember I have been curious about the spiritual aspects of life. This led me on a path to search for a bridge between these two worlds; the material and the non physical world.


Developing a daily yoga and meditation practice over the last 20 years is a guide to explore altered states of awareness. States of mind I search to translate into a visual language.


I have developed my own painting technique on an industrial fiber material. A combination of watercolor and acrylic paints with free hand cut outs. 

Sound installations is sometimes added to enhance the spacial experience.



I started my career as a window dresser which laid the foundation for my passion and sense of space. The National Art Academies of Oslo and Copenhangen built a fine art foundation. 


Studying the 17 Vedic art principles from the ancient Vedas has been life changing for me. This method is founded by the Swedish artist Curt Kallman and is part of my daily creative practice as an artist.

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